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Butcher Supplies 

Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. 

Band Saw Blades, Carcass Blade, Wellsaw Blades

Lanzarini Cutlery is redefining the cutting edge with the highest quality band saw blades available:

  • Consistent profile and tooth set produce cleaner, straighter cutting blades for more saleable product, less product waste and longer case life.
  • Corrosion inhibiting wrapper increases safety and sanitation.
  • Quality testing assures increased durability and longer lasting cutting edges.


Bring spice and life to entrees with seasonings from Lanzarini Cutlery:

  • Quick, easy way to build profit into your meat department…
  • Develops loyal customers
  • Enhances flavor
  • Prolongs freshness and enhances appearance of displayed product


Used world wide by professional chefs and meat cutters. Features a premium grade stainless steel blade and comfortable plastic or wooden handles. These famous knives will provide you years of service. Imported from Italy. NSF approved.


A good steel is ideal for just about any chef’s knife, especially in the commercial kitchen setting.

Bone Dust Scrapers

Our bone dust scraper is made of white poly that removes bone dust and fat film and leaves meat with a natural, fresh appearance. This bone dust scraper is easy to clean and has an ergonomically-designed handle.

Block Scrapers

Our dough cutter/scraper has a high-carbon stainless steel blade with a plastic slip-free handle.


Lanzarini Cutlery carries a full line of cotton and Whizard gloves to suite your needs.

Knife Scabbards

White, all-plastic scabbard has slots for a belt. Knives go in and out easily, noiselessly. 

Teflon Covers

Our Teflon Covers fit a variety of different-sized Heat Seal machines.


These poly meat stompers will keep your hands and fingers away from your grinder's moving parts. Use for pushing the meat into the grinder head. 

Beef Tiers

This kitchen implement is used to thread chilled slivers of Lardoon (bacon, ham or actually lard) through small cuts in beef and poultry. This item has an eye at the tip to tie the lard to a piece of string and draw it through. This item may also be used to stitch a large cut of meat closed. 

Block Brush

This brush's aggressive tempered steel wire bristles scrape away contaminated layers of wooden butcher blocks and wooden cutting boards. 

Stuffing Horns

These stainless steel tubes are made for easy clean up and long lasting performance.

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