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Lanzarini Brothers Inc. is committed to serving you. Whether you need butcher supplies, knife sharpening, or cutting board resurfacing, we are here for you! We also provide a grinder plate & knife service and a cutlery exchange program. Please see below for a detailed description of the services we provide: 

Cutlery Exchange Program
Pioneered at Fritz Brothers Cutlery, our cutlery exchange program includes the sharpening, delivering, and use of Lanzarini Brothers, Inc., cutlery. We deliver sharp knives to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The amount of knives and the types of knives provided determine the cost of our knife service. By setting up two sets of knives for you, we assure that the same knives are rotated for each delivery. We can also sharpen your personal knives and tools upon request. 

Grinder Plate & Knife Service

Fresh, attractive ground meat is a key part of a meat department’s profitability program. That is why Lanzarini Brothers Inc., grinder plate & knife service is the coolest cutting plate and knife system in the industry:

  • Cooler cutting for fresher product, superior bloom and longer case life.
  • A sharper, longer lasting edge for consistent grind reduces waste.
  • Clean and sanitary cutting tools.

Saw & Grinder Maintenance

A key component of meat and deli department safety and productivity is the operational condition of equipment. Lanzarini Brothers Inc., is dedicated to helping minimize lost profits that result from equipment down time, inefficiencies and providing a working environment free of machine operation safety concerns:

  • Operation, safety and sanitation inspections provide advance notice of potential equipment problems and necessary corrective actions.
  • Optimum equipment efficiency and maximum life are maintained through routine adjustment, lubrication and replacement of damaged or work parts.
  • Common parts available for immediate repair services with no trip or freight charges.

Polyboard Resurfacing

Lanzarini Cutlery is proud to present a cutting board resurfacing program. The food service industry’s major concern is sanitation in order to protect the health and safety of the public. Benefits of resurfacing your cutting boards include:

  • Greatly increases sanitation
  • Cost effective – reuse your cutting boards
  • Colored boards available to reduce cross contamination
  • Customized service plans to meet individual needs
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